March 7, 2019

Original post here by Simon Watkins, HPE Storage

A new HPE and Cohesity software resell agreement (which we announced at HPE Discover Madrid in November last year) makes the Cohesity secondary data and apps solution available directly from HPE and our channel partners. This creates a streamlined customer experience for the purchasing and deployment of a jointly validated solution from a single trusted partner.

On general availability from March 4, 2019, this best-of-breed solution combines the web-scale simplicity and efficiency of Cohesity software with the power and density of industry-leading HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant servers, along with HPE Pointnext advisory, professional, operational and financing services.

Why is this important?

Secondary data and applications, including backups, disaster recovery, files, objects, test/dev, archives, and analytics, are massively fragmented across a complex patchwork of specialized point products and infrastructure silos in the data center and the cloud. Not knowing what data exists where across all silos makes it impossible to protect. Additionally, not having an easy way to manage all data makes it impossible to harness for greater value.

As secondary data often gets copied more than 10x* across distinct silos with no central visibility and control, it is inefficient and costly to manage, and creates a crippling source of compliance risk. You need to simply and efficiently protect, store and manage this exponentially growing secondary data across clouds, data centers or remote/branch offices, and put it to work for your business.

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Cohesity’s recent global market study into this critical concern, Mass Data Fragmentation: The Barrier to Competing as a Data-centric Organization, underscores how mass data fragmentation is truly impacting enterprises—and and IT teams within these organizations—on a global scale.

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The HPE-Cohesity advantage: Addressing the challenges of secondary data sprawl and infrastructure silos

The strengthened HPE solution with Cohesity enables enterprise customers to better manage unstructured data growth, eliminate mass data fragmentation, and reduce costs and complexity. HPE and Cohesity are simplifying the management and protection of secondary data and apps with one hyperconverged, software-defined platform for all use cases, including backup and recovery, files and objects, test and dev, archive, and analytics.

Cohesity software will be integrated into the HPE global supply chain processes and systems, enabling customers to minimize deployment risk, complexity, and cost by purchasing complete, optimized and jointly validated HPE and Cohesity solution directly from HPE and its channel partners. This enhanced partnership makes it easier than ever for customers to acquire and deploy a proven and reliable solution to solve secondary data and apps challenges quicker—and with more confidence.

Check out this Chalk Talk for a closer look at how HPE and Cohesity are simplifying secondary data storage.

Know the key benefits from the HPE + Cohesity solution

Here are the benefits HPE and Cohesity are bringing to your secondary data and application platform: alt text alt text

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You will be able to purchase Cohesity software and support as standard HPE SKUs. It can be ordered with either of three purpose-built HPE ProLiant 380 Gen10, HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10, and HPE Apollo r2200 Gen10 server SKUs as a complete secondary data and apps solution on one purchase order. The new ProLiant 380 Gen10 SKUs will be introduced and be live on the HPE corporate price list globally on March 4, 2019 while the new Apollo r2200 Gen10 server SKUs will be live on the HPE corporate price list globally on April 2, 2019. The new HPE Apollo 4510 SKUs will be available mid-2019.